Entry #1

Spy who shot me : New version on NG with mouse fix!

2018-01-19 12:25:49 by BlueStarGeneral

Thanks for all your great feedback on this title guys! I've addressed alot of issues you've raised and the new version on NG has the following added from your feedback.

- Added mouse/keyboard controls,

- Fixed mouse aiming bug for Chrome, should work on all browsers now,

- Made mines easier to navigate, added more time,

- Plus more!

Any suggestions ideas for the next update let me know!




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2018-01-20 08:24:59

,,Smashing" update!
I like that you put birds when you jump out of the plane. You don't need to wait this time, you need to dodge them.
And im not sure, but, is the 1st room updated? I don't think there were bookcase's the last time i played.
By the way like what you did with the room close to mothers. Pool table that you can interact with with you're gun, genius!

Like what you did, keep it up!